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2018-12-24 how to say "what time is it where you are?" : Korean

거기는 몇 시예요?


2018-12-22 뛰어들다 ~ to jump in

뛰어들다 • (ttwieodeulda) (infinitive 뛰어들어, sequential 뛰어드니)
to run, to rush
to plunge into, to dive into
to rush into (business), to make a debut

2018-12-21 6000 Most Common Korean Words - 1 | TOPIK GUIDE

These words were ranked according to their difficulty level and frequency of use.. This comprehensive research involved eminent scholars in the field of Korean language education

2018-12-14 Clare You & Eunsu Cho, Intermediate College Korean

Online Intermediate College Korean is a web-based online courseware based on Intermediate College Korean (University of California Press, 2002). The objective of this project is to assist in learning/teaching intermediate level college Korean by providing a direct online access to the audio, visual and written materials accompanying the text.

2018-12-10 차린 건 없지만 많이 드세요.

Seen on a disposable tablecloth.

Literal: There is nothing to eat, but please eat a lot.

Meaning: It's not much, but I hope you like it.

2018-12-10 Funny words and phrases

What about some Korean tongue twisters

2018-12-07 [Korean learners' mistakes] 너 때문이에요? 너 덕분이에요? : Korean

덕분에 ~ thanks to


때문에 ~ because of

2018-12-07 [Korean learners' mistakes] Please be careful using "I don't know잘 모르겠어요" when speaking in Korean. : Korean

Framing one's statement as personal opinion.

이건 저의 의견일 뿐이에요.
(It is just my opinion)

2018-12-06 You can't see the forest for the trees.

당신은 나무만 보고 숲은 못 보는군요. via

2018-12-06 ​ [Korean learners' mistakes] Grammar Villain, ~ㄹ 거예요 and ㄹ게요​ : Korean

In Short, ~~ㄹ 거예요: I will do it, It is my choice. / ~~게요: I will do it, for you. I consider your situation.

2018-12-05 How to study Korean | Lesson 95: 뿐: Just, Only (~ㄹ/을 뿐이다, ~ㄹ/을 뿐만 아니라)

The English translation of 뿐 is similar to “just” or “only,” but it is more of a grammatical principle than it is a word.

Originating sentence:

우리가 들을 수 있었던 소리는 포요하는 듯한 폭포 소리 뿐이었다. via

2018-11-30 가능 vs 가능성 : Korean

가능 itself isn't really used alone; it's typically seen as 가능하다 ("to be possible"). On the other hand, 가능성 is able to stand alone. With 성 性, which refers to the characteristic of something, attached to 가능, we get the meaning of "possibility" (the characteristic of being possible).

2018-11-29 거에요 vs. 거예요? : Korean

Just remember that that future tense conjugation is 거 + 이다. The correct conjugation of 이다 following a word ending with a vowel is -예요, so 거예요 is right. 거에요 is just a very common error.

2018-11-29 응급 vs 긴급 vs 비상 : Korean

응급: think “emergency care” as in first aid or hospital emergency room
긴급: think “urgent” as in high-stakes / tight deadline
비상: think “SNAFU” as in red alert

A user in this thread recommends identifying a Chinese root for some words.

This seems comparable to looking up the Latin root for some English words.

2018-11-29 [Korean learners' mistakes] 대답? 답장? 응답? 답변? Reply is not 대답? : Korean

답장 is more for written things. Like a letter or email.
답변 is used only for answers to questions

2018-11-29 Things I have realized and felt for a period of 4 years of teaching Korean : Korean

I always try my best to communicate by any means. We can use dictionaries, papago, internet etc. That is tough, but I think that is the best way to encourage people to learn languages.

2018-11-28 TIP: Mass download audio files from Naver dictionary : Korean

If you're making Anki decks, you probably know how nice it is to have audio attached to your decks. Luckily for you, Naver Dictionary has some amazing recordings from native speakers. Here are a few scripts to mass download all that good stuff and import it into your decks!

2018-11-27 [Korean learners' mistakes] 자주 해요? / 자주 하는 편, 자주 할 때 : Korean

They apply this phrase to almost every situation where 'often+object+verb' phrase is fine in English, which is awkward in Korean.

2018-11-27 For Korean Lingodeer is far better than Duolingo : Korean

I picked up Lingodeer today, and wow, what a difference.

2018-11-27 Need help breaking down a sentence : Korean

달라다 is ask or request. Adding 고 했다 is the quoting form.

2018-11-28 What's the difference between 어디예요 and 어디 있어요? : Korean

이다: to be equal to, to be a point in time or space
있다: to exist, to be at a point in time or space

2018-11-25 [Weekly Mimetic Word #2] : Korean

A mimetic word is similar onomatopoeia.

2018-11-25 Exhaustive counting units : Korean

Similar to prepositions, counting units are numerous and sometimes interchangeable.

2018-11-25 While learning Korean, things to not forget : 한국어를 공부를 하면서 잊으면 안되는 것들 : Korean

I stopped memorising actively and starting reading content (naver articles, webtoons etc.)

2018-11-24 주임님은 무슨 뜻인가요? | HiNative

주임. kinda manager in a company.

2018-11-24 1 Year In Review: Talk To Me In Korean : Korean

I've been studying Korean daily for about a year and thought it might be helpful for new learners to hear about my experiences.

2018-11-23 Shows like "The Wire" or "Breaking Bad"? : Korean

Includes categorized, recommended shows.

I don't have any recommendations but if you like Breaking Bad, maybe it could be fun to try translating a couple episodes into Korean.


2018-11-23 아쉽다 - To miss (feel absense)

Despite the English translation as a verb, 아쉽다 (aswipda) is a 형용사 (形容詞, hyeong-yongsa, “Korean adjective”).

2018-11-22 밝다 ~ To be bright

환하다 (hwanhada, “to be bright, brilliant”)

2018-11-22 걸다 vs 달다 vs 매달다 : Korean

Differentiating between 걸다, 달다 and 매달다

2018-11-22 상관없다 ~ I don't care

관심 is also referenced.

2018-11-20 5일 장 ~ 5th day market

Can be a number (e.g., 4) of days (일) between the dates a [farmer's] market (장) sets up shop.

For example, a 4일 장 is open on the 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th, 24th, and 28th days of a given month.

2018-11-20 How to study Korean | (Theme) Unit 1: #5 – Weather

Talking about the weather

2018-11-20 우수한 제품 ~ Excellent product

Read from newspaper in eye clinic waiting area.


기부함 ~ donation box
서류 ~ documents
수납 ~ acceptance
접수 ~ receipt
환자의 권리와 의무 ~ patient's rights and obligations

2018-11-20 Using 조차 and 마저

조차 is equivalent to the English “even” and “to the extent of” such as ” I didn’t even know”.


2018-11-19 [Korean learners' mistakes] 아깝다? 아쉽다? 안타깝다? : Korean

Comparing usage of:

  • 아쉽다
  • 아깝다
  • 안타깝다
2018-11-19 부럽다 ~ To envy

Learned from nephew while passing time.

2018-11-18 의미하다 ~ To mean

Read on sign at park.

2018-11-19 완전 ~ Very

Heard frequently in conversations in person and on television.

2018-11-18 촉촉한 ~ Moist

Read in caption on 정글 의 밥픽 survival reality TV show.

2018-11-16 순간 ~ Moment

Heard by 과장님 character on 단짠 오피스 as she thinks out loud in an episode 16 about timing.


인생 ~ life

2018-11-16 완벽하다 ~ To be perfect

Heard by 차장님 character on 단짠 오피스 television show describe the taste of a bite of grilled chicken.

2018-11-16 데리고 and 모시고

Varying forms of "accompanying" a person to/from somewhere.

2018-11-16 일출 ~ Sunrise

Seen on TV show about Australian family reuniting with son.

2018-11-16 Korean Phrases 16: Asking for Directions — SweetandtastyTV

Phrases for asking directions.

2018-11-15 제공 ~ Offer

Viewed on television during commercial break in programming.

2018-11-15 ATM Functions-Translation Korean-English - South-Korea - korea4expats

List of terms for ATM use.

2018-11-15 Washing and ironing - Korean Wiki Project

List of clothes cleaning terms.

2018-11-15 연말 ~ Year-end

Read in spam text message for cars.

2018-11-15 화재시 대피 훈련 ~ Fire evacuation drill

Seen on poster near workplace entrance.