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This page includes holiday (휴일) wishes in Korean. A list of public holidays in South Korea can be found here .


Happy New Year! (January 1)

saehae bok mani badeusipsio! May the new year bring you much fortune!
새해 new year
많이 a lot of
받으십시오 please receive
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Happy Parents’ Day. (May 8)

eobeoiui eunhye gamsadeurimnida. Parents, thank you kindly for your blessings.
어버이의 parents’
은혜 blessing
감사 · 드립니다 humbly thank
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Merry Christmas! (December 25)

jeulgeoun seongtanjeol bonaesipsio! Wishing you a pleasant Christmas!
즐거운 pleasant
성탄절 Christmas
보내십시오 would like to send