먹을 때

hands holding a plate of vegetables

This page includes Korean phrases for use at mealtimes (식사 시간). The expressions below are customary and a part of mealtime etiquette.

These phrases, exchanged between host and guest, are integral to table manners whether dining in or out.

Before the Meal

Enjoy your meal.

masitge japsusipsio. Please, partake and enjoy.
맛있게 deliciously
잡수십시오 please partake
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맛있게 드십시오.
맛있게 드세요.

The food looks delicious.

jal meokgetseumnida. I will enjoy eating.
먹겠습니다 will eat
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During the Meal

Eat as much as you like.

mani deuseyo. Please, take as much as you like.
많이 much
드세요 please eat/drink

Thank you.

gamsahamnida. I am thankful.
감사 gratitude
합니다 am feeling
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Please, have some more.

deo deuseyo. Please, have some more.
드세요 please eat/drink

May I have some more water, please?

mul jom deo jusigetseumnikka? Could you please give me some more water?
주시겠습니까 could you please give?
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물 좀 더 주시겠어요?
물 좀 더 주세요.

No, thank you.

dwaetseumnida. gamsahamnida. I am OK, thank you.
됐습니다 am OK
감사합니다 am thankful

I am full.

baebureumnida. My stomach is full.
부릅니다 is full
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I ate plenty.

mani meogeotseumnida. I ate a lot.
많이 much
먹었습니다 ate

After the Meal

The food was delicious.

jal meogeotseumnida. I ate well.
먹었습니다 ate
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맛있게 잘 먹었습니다.
참 맛있게 잘 먹었습니다.